How to Cut Carbs on a Lazy Keto Diet

Want to lose some weight? Want to be a healthier, happier version for you? It is not that difficult to do so with the Lazy Keto Diet. All you need to do is reduce your carb intake & follow the guidelines for meals. However, if you are new to Keto, it is very easy to make mistakes as well.

To get all the benefits of a Keto Diet, you need to have a proper plan for cutting down your carbs. Simply refraining from certain foods is not going to help. This will not leave you with many options. You will have to eat only the select vegetables and some berries to get the number of carbs needed.

Reducing Carbs on a Lazy Keto Diet

When it comes to reducing carbs, you can either reduce your carbs gradually, or you can reduce them all of a sudden. Both of these ways have their pros & cons. You need to consider several factors such as your activity level, your metabolic rate, your carb needs, etc.

Gradually Reducing Carbs

When you choose to gradually decrease the number of carbs that you consume, you will have to reduce your carbs bit by bit, spanning over a few weeks.

You can first cut out foods like cake, soda, and other high-carb foods. It is not that difficult to slowly cut out on carbs. You can easily make smaller changes and then keep increasing them over some time. There are fewer side effects of doing this because your body will have the time to slowly adapt to the changes that are happening by the reduction of carbs. You will not have food cravings and will not be low on energy since it is a gradual reduction of carbs.

One of the cons of this gradual reduction is that you will not see immediate results. It will take a while for your body to adjust to this new regimen you are following. But the progress will be there after some time.

Sudden Reduction of Carbs

If you suddenly stop your carb intake, you will see more progress. However, you will feel more tired and lazy. Your body will have to adapt more quickly to sudden changes, and it will be difficult for you to keep up your favorite foods all of a sudden.

Maintaining Your Protein Intake

It is not only your carb intake that you need to monitor but also your protein intake. Protein helps with weight loss and improves your body composition as well. However, if you end up eating too much protein, it tends to get converted to glucose. This, in turn, will prevent your body from getting into ketosis.


Lazy Keto Diet is not only good for weight loss but is also beneficial if you have health conditions like diabetes. Normally, you eat most of your daily calories from carbs. But on a Keto Diet, you have to get the majority of those from fats. You have to eat healthy fats, not the refined sorts, and cut down on the foods which contain carbs. You need to cut down your carb intake to go into the state of Ketosis. You have to ensure that you eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

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